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E-Commerce- How big can the industry be in the future, and what’s in it for us.

Today, we see more and more people are sticking to their smartphones. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and do not know how many people active on social networking sites ? What is not as social in real life is too much active in virtual life.

Situation before 10 years in India.

From today 10 to 15 Years ago, When I used to activated the GPRS in the mobile, attach the data cable used to run the net on the attached computer, then ,With the speed of 2G network, an image took 5 to 7 minutes for download.

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Everybody online nowadays.

At that time I was consider a big techno geek myself. then I did not even think that 10-12 after a year, the use of the internet will become increasingly high. Today the situation is that people internet running 24 hours, people stay online for several hours, even small children, YouTube’s videos keep watching all day long, and play online games, It seems, as without electricity we can not imagine life, we can not imagine life without internet also. Today, the online shopping craze has grown significantly, many shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, are available for online shopping. people are also liking the shopping online, because they have a lot of products options on a single platform, The second thing is that you do not need to bump into the traffic by picking a car from the house, there is no parking issue in the market . you can buy as much time as you want, shopping day or night. you can shop any time and anywhere.

E-Commerce industry is increasing tremendously.

E-commerce is becoming the integral part of our life today, from booking a Ola, Uber taxi, to online food delivery apps such as Zommato, Swiggy, and many more, all of this is becoming part of our life nowadays .According to the survey of 2018, China is the world’s biggest eCommerce player and internet user country, 60% of the population does online business on the Internet. In India 46% of the population is Internet user, followed by USA 75% and Japan 90%. Great Britain is 95% internet user .

Why should we go with online business?

Friends, having more internet users does not mean that you understand more about this technology, it is in this context that how do you use this technology, how do you increase your life style by using it, your business how much do you expand your services? Even today, only 20 to 25% of the people use the opportunity of E-commerce business in India. E- commerce industry is still like the small child in India, according to the IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation) survey, India’s E-commerce industry chasing the world by 2034. After China, the second biggest industry will be built.The industry which was US$ 38 billion in 2017, coming up to 2027 would make it a US$ 200 billion industry. By 2017 there were 12 million online shoppers, which is expected to increase to 24 million by 2025, which is only 25% of the population. Think if 50% of the population also starts shopping online, then how much is the industry Will become big. Today, small children who play games online, the same kids will go tomorrow and become customers, they will order everything sitting at home, making online payments, meaning that they will become a user in this industry, now the question arises, is there anything for us in this industry ?

Opportunity in E-commerce business for us.

It is said that, a smart businessman is one who can imagine the future, Try to bring any business you do today online, or if you want to earn extra income, then join any good brand to become their affiliate partner and earn their commission by selling their products. . You can become an affiliate partner from Amazon to big hotel chains such as J.W Marriott. We are seeing that the situations of traditional business are getting worse, a big problem of jobs is going to arise in the coming days. More and more Businesses are currently leaning towards online. physical showrooms are turning into an online showroom, you also change the direction of your business, change the way you do business and take advantage of new technology.

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