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Stainless Steel Glass Set Kitchenware with Design.

Steel Glass set

Whenever guests come to our house, we offer them tea or a drink. We bring drinks on the tray. If the tray is impressive and rich looking, then we feel very proud to offer a drink.

We have brought this good quality, strong and rich looking Silver Minakari Tray with Glass Set for you, which you will like, and you will be able to afford it. This can be the best kitchenware for you.

This Designer Peacock Tray Comes With Matching 6 Glass Set, having Stainless Steel body. This Designer Peacock Tray decorated by Silver Meenakari.

This tray looks so good and royal, that you will definitely want to keep it in your kitchen. The Meenakari design made on top of it makes it amazing. You will take great pride in offering a drink to your guests.

You can use this kitchenware on any occasion or festival. You can make your special guests feel special. You can also gift this Kitchenware tray set, the gift taker will also be happy with your gift.

Specifications – (TRAY SIZE : 8.35″ x 12.35″ x 0.87″ INCHES & GLASS SIZE : 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 3.67″ INCHES). TRAY SIZE (LxBxH) : 8.35″ x 12.35″ x 0.87″ Inches TRAY WEIGHT : 325 Grams GLASS SIZE (LxBxH): 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 3.67″ Inches GLASS WEIGHT : 100 Grams x 6 Glasses INNER MATERIAL : STAINLESS STEEL OUTER MATERIAL : SILVER COLORED ALUMINIUM SHEET DECORATED BY : MEENAKARI (COLORED WAX) IDEAL CHOICE FOR : NOTE: Handicraft items are prone to +/- 5% variation in size and weight.

Electric Egg Boiler with Egg Tray.

Electrical egg boiler with egg tray
Electrical egg steamer.

This is another best kitchenware under 1000 Rs which you can buy. Electrical Egg Steamer. Cooking eggs exactly the way you like them has never been simpler or more foolproof. With this user-friendly machine, you can prepare up to seven eggs, from soft-cooked to hard-boiled, all within the same batch.

Cook seven eggs at once with this automatic kitchenware. You can consistently prepare eggs the way you like without fat or oil. This machine cooks using steam created by a heated water reservoir. The lid features a small egg-shaped handle to open it to avoid possible burns from hot dripping water.

You can insert the included small rack and use it to make evenly steamed vegetables, allowing you to use the Egg Genie to create a healthy side dish to go along with your eggs. This Plastic made egg boiler length is 8 cm, Width is 8 cm, height is 8 cm and Capacity of the jar is 100 ml. This is worth buying and must keep in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Puri Press or Papad Making Machine.

It is the practice of Indians to serve papad with food. If there is a delicious dish on the plate and there is no papad together, then we feel something missing in eating.

We get papad of different tastes from the market, but if we can make papad at home, then our money will also be saved and papad of different tastes can be made.

This stainless steel puri or papad making handmade machine can be a very good option. You can also start the business of making papad from home using this at a very low price.

Papad of many tastes is available in the market. You can also make profits by selling papad of many tastes to shop owners, housewives, and hoteliers at a cheap price. This can prove to be a very good money-making kitchenware in your kitchen.

This Anti-skid high-quality stainless steel material is suitable for your needs to make puri, papad. The diameter of this machine is 6.5 to 7 inches. The multicolored pressers and mashers type machine made up of silver color having length 10 cm, width 10 cm and height is 15 cm. It is 100% genuine product durable and easy to clean.

Gold Metal Wire Chicken Design Egg Basket.

Designer egg basket
Egg Basket

Eggs or egg dishes are made in most homes. Egg veg or non-veg can be a topic of discussion, but we have nothing to do with that. We should think about the benefits of eating eggs.

The Next best kitchenware we are going to talk about is related to eggs. Yes, in this kitchenware, you can store eggs very well. This egg basket made of metal wire looks very good, and you can use it to clean the eggs.

Due to its design like chicken, it looks very unique. You can also decorate it in your farmhouse kitchen, home kitchen, or dining room, and yes, in addition to eggs, you can store fruits and vegetables and wash them well. Its chicken shape gives your kitchen a farmhouse look.

The wings can be lifted up to be used as a clever handle for easy transporting of the basket. It can even be used as an Easter Egg Basket, This is a true country classic, made for storing eggs but ideally can be used to store just about anything from fruits to craft supplies.

Due to its strong texture, it can handle the weight of more than a dozen eggs. Due to it being open, it is also easy to wash. You must definitely give a place to this kitchenware for this purpose.

Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set.

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